Unleash the Power
of the IOST Blockchain

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To drive great innovation
on the blockchain

Theseus was created to support the development of decentralized applications capable of leading the charge for the mass adoption of blockchain technology. We strive to enrich the greater blockchain community and empower passionate visionaries to change the world.


Connecting businesses
with blockchain technology

Theseus helps companies and organizations identify how blockchain technology can be used to improve their business. We also provide engineering solutions for third-parties that want to integrate their products and businesses onto the IOST blockchain.


Bridging the
knowledge gap

Blockchain technology will reshape nearly every industry over the next decade. In order to support this shift, Theseus will work with leading blockchain projects and educators to provide in-depth and immediately applicable training that prepares developers for a decentralized future.


Providing the tools to
build your vision

Whether it's an engaging ecosystem filled with likeminded innovators, funding to build the next big thing, or consults with blockchain experts; Theseus provides talented developers with the resources they need to bring their ideas to fruition.

Blockchain Technology is more than Cryptocurrency
Theseus is built to support the innovators unlocking the true potential of blockchain.

Gaming is one of the few great use cases supported by current blockchain solutions

  • True scarcity in the digital age
  • Complete Transparency
  • In-game prestige items able to outlive the game
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UGC Platforms

Create truly fair content platforms

  • Safeguard original content
  • Token-based reputation systems
  • Uncensorable open marketplaces for ideas
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Decentralize the future on the most advanced blockchain infrastructure

  • Trust-free information sharing
  • Increased data security
  • Decentralized asset exchanges
  • Untamperable online advertisement metrics
  • And so much more!
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